Why consign with us

  • We have over 20 years of experience with Chanel luxury brand items online and employ multiple resources for marketing items and gaining exposure to a worldwide customer base.
  • Our extensive experience allows us to obtain the best sales price for your item. This means more dollars in your pocket!
  • We have built a solid reputation over the decade as a reliable Chanel reseller and we have strong customer loyalty due to our dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • We are passionate about exquisite Chanel clothing, shoes and accessories. Extreme attention to detail is paid in both the multiple image photography and item descriptions allowing buyers to feel confident in making the purchase.

Specifics, Condition & Age

  • Items should be 10 years or newer. Exceptions may be made for vintage jewelry, watches and handbags.
  • Items should be new or preowned in excellent condition (very gently worn showing little or no signs of wear).
  • Items should be free of stains, tears or other damage that may reduce the value of the item. Ideally, all items should be professionally cleaned prior to consignment. Upon receipt of your items and if deemed necessary, we may have the items dry-cleaned, pressed and/or repaired at the consignor’s expense.
  • All items must be 100% authentic designer items. Please be sure to include any and all authenticity cards or proof of purchase (i.e. receipts, packaging, original tags, etc).
  • Items should have a minimum resale value of $200.

If you have any questions about the condition of your items, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Items Accepted

  • CHANEL Clothing: jackets, cardigans, tops & dresses. (Generally 10 years or newer. Exceptions made for iconic styles.)
  • CHANEL Handbags
  • CHANEL Shoes
  • CHANEL Jewelry
  • CHANEL Belts
  • CHANEL Sunglasses
  • CHANEL Camellia Brooches and other accessories.

Fee / Commission Structure
We pay you 50% of the final sales price of your item selling for under $1,000; and 60% for any item selling for over $1,000. This commission structure is based on the final sales price less shipping charges.

When can you expect to be paid
Commissions are paid 20 days after date of sale for all products shipped within the US and 40 days after date of sale for all products shipped Internationally. Our maximum consignment period is unlimited. Most items sell within two to three months depending on they item type  and style.  For items that do not sell within 90 days, we generally reduce the price by 15-20% pending your approval.  Additional discounts and/or offers accepted can also be utilized to enhance the item sellability; based on our suggestion and always upon your approval. 

Season specific items may have a longer sales cycle and we generally suggest that you consign items no more than three months prior to the associated season, ie.: Fall/Winter items are best consigned no earlier than August; and Spring/Summer items no earlier than March. Please note this also applies to the end of a season and Holiday items.

Ready to Consign
If you are interested in consigning, please email us with a list of your items and a snapshot photo and include the following information to the best of your ability.

  • Snapshot or photo of Item
  • Snapshot or photo of interior Chanel label
  • Item Description
  • Color
  • Size
  • Original or Estimated Retail Price Paid

Direct purchase
If you prefer to receive payment for your item immediately rather than waiting for the sale, please contact us about direct purchase.

If you have any questions regarding consignment specifics, please do not hesitate to contact us.